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IT Support

Before our support staff can assist you remotely, please ensure the Port Hope CHC Support tool is installed.  To install the tool, follow the instructions detailed below.  


1.  Download the following software: PortHopeCHCSupport.exe 
Download Port Hope CHC TeamViewer Support


2. Click Run to launch the support application.


3. Make note of "Your ID" and "Password".  You will be asked for these details before the support session begins.


Contact Us


99 Toronto Road
Port Hope, ON L1A 3S4


Please do not use this email address to transmit personal health information or appointment inquiries.


Hours of Operation

Privacy Notice


For more information on our privacy policies, click here:


Privacy Policy



Principle of Client and Family Centred Care


The governing body (Board of Directors), leadership, and staff of the PHNCHC are fully committed to quality and safety and to the principle of client and family centred care.  Therefore there is a desire to seek input and feedback from clients and to partner with them and the community we serve.


View our full ‘Client and Family Centred Care’ principle

Important Notice


The Port Hope Northumberland Community Health Centre is a fragrance free environment. Perfumes, after shaves, colognes, strongly scented soaps or deodorants are not permitted due to potential allergic reactions by clients, visitors and staff.